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We transform urban plastic waste into a product that is 100% recycled, a substitute for wood and stone, Prodelix.

By avoiding the overuse of natural resources, we reduce the felling of trees
and contribute to decreasing the amount of landfill deposited every day.

In support of sustainability

We have developed an innovative process that transforms urban plastic waste, thus contributing doubly to sustainability, by reducing both pollution and the overuse of natural resources.

By re-using urban plastic waste, we:

  • Prevent it from going into landfill;
  • Avoid the over felling of trees / deforestation;
  • Prevent stone extraction.

Responsible transformation is in our DNA

We collaborate with the environment, from research to manufacturing.


We recycle 100% of plastic waste in all its diversity, even the most difficult to recycle, the dross of waste.

Industrial Process

The manufacturing process is unique in that it transforms all the mixed plastics that result from the collection and sorting of urban waste in Portugal. The process, which includes a closed-circuit WWTP, is ecologically responsible, producing no polluting residue.


We created Prodelix, a product that due to its characteristics has the most diverse
applications. It can replace wood and stone in agricultural, construction, industrial, gardening and outdoor furniture applications.


The advantages of our products

Unique Properties

Properties such as strength, durability and flexibility make our product ideal for a wide variety of uses.

  • It is shockproof and non-erodible. 

  • Immune to humidity, fungi and pests.

Eco-friendly and very resistant.

Besides being ecological, our product is resistant, safe and durable, making it the ideal choice for infrastructures, parks and gardens as well as for various agricultural and livestock uses.

  • No need for maintenance or special treatment;
  • Does not splinter;
  • Does not freeze;
  • Machine-workable like wood;
  • Can serve as an acoustic insulation;
  • Waterproof.

Protecting the future of our common home.

Prodelix brings together a set of characteristics, that aided by low maintenance costs, makes it an excellent example of the virtue and value of the circular economy.

  • 0% Waste
  • 100% Reusable
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • 100% Recycled

Know more about our products.


Prodelix, The right choice in every way!

Consumers, businesses, industries and municipalities are increasingly concerned about the environment and choose to use sustainable products and resources.

Our goal is to end plastic pollution – as long as it exists, we will recycle!